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Monday, January 24, 2011

From Pallets to Compost

This weekend Eric and I finally built our little compost bin. We used three pallets, 4 t-posts, a little wire and some wood scraps. The best part about this bin is that is was completely free!  Not to mention how easy it was! Well, there were a few roots that Eric about broke his back trying to pull the t-posts back out of...but, other than that it was pretty easy!

Step 1 -We live on the coast and it rains A LOT, so we chose a spot that wouldn't pool up with water and just rot the compost. Once the spot was flattened out, we measured out where the T-posts were to go.
Step 2- We drove the posts in so that they would be about flush with the top of the pallets. Then we set the pallets in place.

Step 3 - We drilled holes in the pallets to insert the wire through and around the posts to secure the pallets in place.
Step 4 - We chose to put a little gate on the front of the bin. I thought this might keep the dog out if she decided something looked gross enough to eat! I measured the width of the opening, and cut a top and bottom board for the gate. We just tore out the old trim in our house, so I used some pieces to make the "pickets" and just nailed them the top and bottom board.

It turned out pretty primitive. But we're talking about pallets here!  It will get the job done! Give it a little paint job and once the grass starts growing, and we have our raised garden beds in, it won't stick out so much!

For the first layer, I tossed in some organic matter, such as leaves, small twigs, kitchen scraps, old Halloween pumpkins, etc..

                                                            Then the wonderful rabbit poo!

   It was a fun project and I am excited to start adding on the layers for some 
gooood fertilizer for the garden this spring!

Keep on poopin' lil bun buns!

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