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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Polka-Dot Message Board

Like most summers,  I stopped at LOTS of yard sales. On my way to a camping trip in, I stopped at a farm sale. This lady had her whole barn open for sale with stuff piled high and deep.  Amongst my small pile, I had picked out an old cabinet door. I didn't have any real plans for it until today. I thought I was going to have a rather lazy Sunday afternoon recovering from a long and cold day of duck hunting, but the idea for this message board popped into my unsuspecting head! 

To make it, I used a piece of cardboard, fleece, fabric, ribbon and lots of staples!I cut the cardboard to fit into the center impression. I stapled a piece of fleece to the cardboard for a little padding, then laid down a piece of fabric and wrapped it around the edges. I pulled the fabric tight and secure with a staple.
I wasn't sure how to best fit the ribbon, so I just used 4 pieces and made two big "X" shapes starting from each corner. I stapled the ends of the ribbon to the back of the board. In the center of each X, I placed a dab of hot glue between the ribbon and the board, and then between the ribbon and the cute little Moose and Bear buttons. That's it!

I probably wouldn't have chose a polka-dot print if I was to go out and buy fabric for the project, but since I just used stuff I already had, I thought it turned out pretty cute. Simple, at least :)


  1. It's super cute and shabby chic! Great idea. You know I love that polka-dotted fabric!

  2. I was looking for a great way to get my Christmas stuff organized! You are my revelation Alli! Thanks!!

  3. anyone out there? Can you hear me? Hope you're not dead...

    Just joshin' everyone. I know she's not dead so it's okay to give her grief on her non-posting blog. Sheesh. Stop screaming at me!