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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quickie Lighted Snowman

I got this idea from my mom, who has been making these guys for years. Hers have light switches and more elaborate embellishments - super cute! I came up with a "quickie" version of these cute little guys, and thought I would share!

What you'll need:
Glass Jar - I think it's best to use a jar with plain class,  no words, etc... Like Ball or Mason jars
White acrylic craft paint
Clear matte finish verathane spray
Orange and black "puffy" paint ( or just regular paint, or paint pens)
Paint brush
Fabric scrap for scarf
Old boot sock band for the hat
LED tea light

1. Sponge paint the jar white, leaving openings for the light to glow through
2. Let it dry and paint on the face - I used pink blush for the "blushing cheeks"
3. Spray with verethane sealant. This helps to keep the paint from scratching off
4. Cut the top band off a boot sock. Hand stitch in and out of the cut-end, and make a draw string. Cinch top together and tie off. Add a puff ball, or embellishments
5. Tie on a scarf. I cut out a piece of red fleece for this one.
6. Glue on a small piece of velcro to the bottom of the LED tealight, and to the bottom of the jar. This will keep the light from jiggling around inside the jar.
7. Flip the tealight on, and watch it glow!

We have made cowboy snowmen with little cowboy hats and bandanas. Little hunter snowmen, with "Elmer Fudd" style hats with ear-flaps. The Classic snowman with a black felt top hat - Super cute! Lots of room for creativity!


  1. Super cute idea! I love your craftiness, simple ideas!

  2. This is sooooo dang cute! I just got mine in the mail, and I am in love with this little guy (I am thinking about making one out of a huge jar we have laying around. Thank you thank you!!!!