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Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Gift/Stocking Stuffer Idea...

The idea is a heated pad, and I am sure you have all seen them in several styles. Tonight, I made a "headache relief" one for a friend's birthday. I just took a scrap of a cute Autimn print and blended rice with rosemary and marjoram. It turned out so cute, and oh boy does it smell good. It is a surprisingly soothing combination! Anyways, a cute snowflake, Christmas, wintery fabric would be easy to do! And, the possibilities are endless with this idea! I thought a peppermint scented one would be nice. For scenting, look to your spice cupboard, or  Essential Oils work great! I have broken open a sachet that I had in my dresser and added it with the rice. This one I made is just the right size for your forehead, but all different shapes and sizes work great for lots of different uses!


  1. can you make a step by step blog of how to make them? I'm so curious & would love this idea for christmas !

  2. Love to!
    1. For the one I did in this picture, I cut out an 8" x 10" piece of cotton fabric
    2. Put the wrong sides together
    3. Sewed a 1/8" seam
    4. Left about 1 3" opening
    5. Pulled the fabric right-side-out.
    6. Combined 1 cup rice, 2 tablspoons dried rosemary, and 2 teaspoons marjoram
    7. Filled the "bag" with the rice mixture
    8. Sewed the opening shut and Voila!

    Pop in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes, and enjoy the warm and aroma!

  3. Thank you so much ! I was actually going to buy one, but now that I have this I can make my own ! Is there any other good smells you can reccomend? & Just plain white rice?
    once again thank you !

  4. I think I am going to scent mine this year with peppermint oil? Lavender is also very good or vanilla. Cinnamon and whole cloves from the spice cupbaord would be yummy! Yes, white rice works just fine, I just use whichever kind I have in the cupboard, but if you are going to go and buy it, just get whichever is cheapest! I have heard that Jasmine rice is good, because it smells so good on it's own!

  5. So sorry I keep bothering you!
    If I do cinnamon (it's my favorite) would I use ground cinnamon & mix it with the rice?