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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Truckin' and Junkin' - June

I have the best husband. On his way to a tractor/truck/machinery parts flea market, he asks me if there is anything I want him to watch out for? Jokingly, I told him to keep an eye out for a produce scale. Well, as fate should have it, guess what was the only thing he got from the sale? An old hardware scale! It's perfect, and I just love it.

Of course, I am not using it to weigh nuts and bolts, but it makes the best fruit bowl!

The other day my husband walks in to the kitchen and says, "Well, it's time to buy fruit, we're down to under 2 pounds!"


         Not only is it great for fruit, but for puppies! This is Sergeant York, aka "Sarge." He is my dad's new hunting dog and he is about 8 weeks old in this picture and looks like about 8-1/2 pounds! He's a cutie isn't he?! He's a German hunting breed called a Pudelpointer.


  1. OOH! Sarge is the cutest ever. I really like the scale, but man do I ever love that puppy!

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