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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three Sisters. Three Weddings

This last year has been filled with WEDDINGS! This is not a complaint, but rather an exclamation. I must share with the world about how I, and my two sisters, all got married within 10 months! Not to mention, one cousin and an aunt! I know, pretty ridiculous?! This was not a wedding "intervention" sort of thing, but a random act bliss!

Wedding #1 - It all started on September 12, 2010. Eric and I were married at my parent's house. We had an outdoors, country wedding filled with tractors, corn bread, old wooden church pews,  cowboy boots, elk antler arbor...You get the idea.

Wedding # 2 - May 9, 2010,  My older, wiser sister Sarah and her husband Kent were married! They had a traditional church wedding at a historical chapel. It was picture perfect! They had gourmet cupcakes and handmade candies at their reception. Not to mention, the most beautiful flowers arrangements I have ever seen!

Wedding #3 - June 26, 2010, My younger,  beautiful sister Kaytlyn and her husband Chris were married! They had an evening wedding, and it was a gorgeous night! The ceremony was in an outdoor ampitheatre, and the reception was indoors and catered with scumptios finger foods and mini cheesecakes for dessert. It was a perfect, summer evening wedding.  Kayt also set a new record...she had 10 bridesmaids!!

I would not recommend this method of marrying off your children. I know for a fact, we could not have pulled off all of these individually beautiful weddings without the help of #1 Our amazingly talented mother, and ALL of our super supportive family and friends who helped out above and beyond any level of expectation.

I love weddings.


  1. All the weddings were beautiful

  2. I'm still amazed and in awe of your gorgeous weddings, you three gorgeous sisters and your incredible mom! Congrats to you all!!

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