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Monday, August 30, 2010

Truckin' and Junkin' - August

"Let's start the bidding at $100.Give me a hundred. 50 dollars. Come on. Where ya wanna be? This is a collector's item. 25 dollars. Give me 25 dollars. Come on folks. Where ya wanna be?"
        I was at my first farm auction. It was in McMinnville, Oregon and it was love at first bid. 

There was junk piled high, piled under tables, in boxes, shoved and crammed anywhere and everywhere.  The dust never settled and the deals were abundant.  There wasn't too much that caught my eye, but as always, I did manage to load up the pick up. The men rolled their eyes as Mom and I took home the biggest load (to no one's real surprise).  

My first auction bid was on this wooden chair with a pressed leather insert and double rungs. It was hidden beneath boxes, and I didn't really know how good of condition it was in until I  won the bid.
I don't have any good idea for how old this chair is, and I am excited to learn how to identify the age.
I learned a good auction lesson with this ladder. Just because something sells to another, doesn't mean it still isn't for sale! This ladder was sold in a lot of lumber, and the owner turned out to not even want it. Can you believe that? I mean, this is a real fine, worthless ladder. Except, not to me of course. An outdoor table is in the future for this old ladder.

 I managed to pick up an older wood office chair with a cast iron swivel and adjustment that closely matches one that Eric made in highschool. The set goes well in the office/craft room. Also, my mom took home a 50's high chair in excellent condition. It still had the tray and leather "seat-belt" strap. Wish I had a picture to share.
Even though I was having a great time looking at old junk, it was sad to see this once working farm close-up.   At least a little "history" may be preserved in the pieces people brought home.

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  1. Awesome Possum! I LOVE the chair and totally drooling over your ladder. Wanting to get out some John Michael Montgomery now and listen to the Grundy County Auction...