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Saturday, October 23, 2010

My First Apron...

 I recently did a swap through Flirty Apron Swap. Shawnee did a wonderful job hosting! I got to make my apron for Jennifer in Blackfoot, Idaho. (That place just sounds cool!)  I was pretty nervous about making an apron. I knew I could do it, but the process seemed a bit scary. Ahh!

But, my mom gave me some good pointers, and off I went!

I made a practice apron and it turned out pretty good. I am glad I made it, because I learned a lot from the process. (Like sticking my ties in to soon and sewing them inside the lining) 

As it turned out - It wasn't that scary after all! The apron has a very simple design with no added frills, but I am definitely looking forward to expanding my sewing know-how and trying new patterns. 

I just loved these buttons! This was my idea of adding some little touches that weren't sew-involved. 

I am kinda thinking of taking a class....I never thought I would want to learn that much about sewing, but it would be nice to feel more comfortable adding trims and "frillies".  At least then I would be able to call things by their names and not just generalize with a made-up name. 

Frillies. adj. Cute and adorable. noun. The things that you put on aprons to make it look really professional and sassy.

Anyways, I hope my partner enjoyed it and will get some good use out of it!


  1. Cute it looks lie your ready to make something fall-ish like pumpkin soup.

  2. That's my apron:) You did an awesome job! I have gotten lots of use out of it already, and I love it! Thank you!!

  3. Well that is too cute ... I really like your embellishments. I'm so glad you joined our swap!!

  4. Nice background! Looks familiar hehe.