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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Easter Basket Swap!

It is hard to look back on our Easter celebrations as children and not think of the joy and excitement we felt when we got our Easter baskets. Candy, treats, Easter eggs and, of course, chocolate bunnies! Let’s bring back the giddy joy we felt as kids, and spoil each other with our very own Easter Baskets, stuffed to the brim with Easter sweetness.

Join my dear friend Paula and I in our first ever swap! Ever since Paula introduced me to my first Swap,  we've been talking about hosting a swap together! We finally came up with this Easter Basket fun! Read on to find out how to join in and what all the fun will entail!

First, sign up by sending the following details to us at

Mailing Address:
Blog Address or Website:
Favorite Easter treat: (Chocolate, jelly beans, peeps, etc...)-
Preferences: Colors, themes, Religious preferences, d├ęcor style, favorite Easter traditions, etc…

Now  just sit back (be patient) and wait for your partner information to arrive. We know the waiting part is the hardest. You're excited and you want to get started on your basket! Fill your empty time with cruising around the internet looking for fantastic Easter projects and simply getting inspiration from other fabulous bloggers out there!

Once your partner information arrives, get to know her and start filling an Easter Basket with goodies that will make your partner giggle with glee

Paula and I came up with a bit of criteria for your baskets; but not so much that it will stifle your creativity. We want you to have fun with this!

What’s in the basket?

1. One Easter decoration - what kind of decoration is up to you and your partners likes. Be creative.
2. One Easter Card - paper crafts are so much fun!
3. Chocolate/ or other candy - yummy!
4. Easter character; i.e. Bunny, Chick, Egg, Cross, Lillies, etc… - something that signifies Easter to your partner (and is adorable!)
5. Other goodies your partner will enjoy…stuff that basket full. The idea is to pamper your partner!


1. At least one of the items in the basket must be handmade. 

2. We ask that a minimum of $20 (not including shipping) be spent on the basket and goodies.

(There is no limit as to what all is put in the basket, just as long as the minimum is met.)

Have fun with the basket’s presentation! For example – Easter grass, ribbons, raffia. Get creative! Your basket could be the handmade item. So many possiblities - just remember to go with what your partner will enjoy!

Remember, it’s all about pampering your partner!

Important Dates

Sign up by: March 1st
Partners will be sent out by: March 10th
Swap needs to be sent out NO LATER than: April 4th

(We want everyone to be able to enjoy their baskets before it's time to put those Easter decorations away!)

Most Importantly
Be creative! Have fun! Pamper your partner!

Check back in often to On a Rainy Night or Perhaps Today for Easter Basket and fun project ideas! Make sure to leave lots of comments as to your progress and your own creative ideas! Remember to watch for what your partner likes too!

We sure hope you'll join us - hop to it! Send that email!


  1. oooo...this sounds fun! I want in on this one too!! I will send my info asap!

  2. I'm in too, and tried to send info, but error occurred...Will try again

  3. This sounds like lotsa fun! Count me in too!!!

  4. Oh fun - I'm in!!!
    Sending my info now:-)

  5. Oh girls we are gonna have so much fun! Keep checking back in for Easter Basket stuffing and pampering ideas!!

  6. I would like to join in on the fun! Thanks so much for the opportunity to do another fun swap.

    Donna Payne

  7. I like to play along---just sent you an e-mail