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Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Pinch ya off some"

  I pulled into my driveway on my lunch break and stepped out to get the mail, like always. It had been pouring down buckets, like usual on the Oregon Coast, but it had just taken a break and the sun was shining. I heard this voice just singing out loud - It was my neighbor Jewel busting out in this beautiful song, praising Jesus for the sunshine! She was on her front stoop, picking some dead leaves from her potted plants. See, my neighbor Jewel is in her 90's, and lives alone. I bring her mail to and sometime when she is feeling up to it, I get to see her. Well, she was mostly certainly feeling well today! 

I walked over with a big 'ol smile as she is completely unaware of my presence, still shouting our Praise! I was at that point where I was thinking...OK, do I say something and startle her, or just wait until she notices me? I mean, I didn't wanna SCARE her too bad, ya know? But, boy was she glad to see me. We talked and as I was leaving, she asked if I liked Parsley? I nodded yes, and then she said the sweetest thing..."Pinch ya off some!"

What my neighbor Jewel didn't know is I pinched off more than just a little Parsley this afternoon, but a handful of her praise and joy! 

Thank you Jesus for this moment this afternoon!  I love how he works these little, seemingly insignificant oppurtunities in our lives to bless us. 

Amen!! Let the sun shine down on you today! 


  1. What an awesome story and what a wonderful way for you to get some afternoon joy! Pinch ya off some! You know I'm going to be using that line - lol!

  2. What a blessing to have your neighbor. Loved your post.