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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Springy Flower Pots

This project turned out way different than I had original picture in my head. But, there are endless possibilities to adapt and change it! I was originally thinking of them being picture holders, but then the paper flowers came to mind...Well, actually fabric flowers came to mind from a project from my mom...BUT from a lack of supplies, these Springy creations came about! You never know what you'll come up with when you make do!

  Here I painted a plain flower pot white, and then the color. 
I then sanded it for a "worn" look. After the paint dried, I sprayed it with a coat of Shellac to keep the paint from scratching off.

  Here, I glued a Styrofoam ball in the bottom of the pot for a
place to stick the boingy-spring in to.
  I think bunched up some Easter grass, or raffia,
and hot glued it in place.
To make the wire springy, I coiled it around a pencil
and then slid it off.
Here I straightened out the top piece of the wire and sandwiched it to 
the back of the paper flower with another cut-out and hot glued it in place.

 To make the paper flowers, I used a punch-out. Like I mentioned in the beginning, there are endless adaptations...What do you think? 

I like the idea of making one into a picture holder.
I like having a row of them, and maybe spell out a word? 

Anyways, I at least hope to have inspire some creative juices!


  1. Those turned out really cute!

  2. Thanks! They are very silly :) Makes it feel like spring in the house, even thought it's cloudy, dark and raining outside!