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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easter Basket Swap: CLOSED

Well, the Easter Basket Swap is now officially closed for sign-ups. Thank you everyone who joined in! We can't wait to start sharing ideas and seeing pictures of what you all have going on. We will try to post often with different, hopefully inspiring, ideas for the baskets. 
I will update the participant list (to the left) as soon as possible, so we can start paroozing around eachother's sites and get to know everyone participating! 
Please let me or Paula know if you have something you want us to link to. Like, if you have made and gotten something you'd like to share! You know the drill :) 

Is it March 10th yet? I can't wait to get my partner! 

"...patience is a virtue" -  Whoever said that never did a swap before, CLEARLY! 

Have a great week!


  1. Okay everyone...I shipped out my easter basket to ..Paige!!! Am I the 1st to ship?? I didn't take any pictures because I wanted it to be a surprise!!!! Happy Easter everyone!!!!!