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Sunday, March 27, 2011

We're getting close!

We are getting close to the end of our Easter Basket Swap ladies! How is it going? We have a some already sent and received, and one on it's way! I know I have mine almost finished, and will be sending early this week.
Check out these cute banners that Donna made over at Tea Loving Lady. They are so cute, and definitely get me in the mood for a cheerful spring...even though it's currently overcast and rainy here on the Oregon coast.

Anyways, I am having fun seeing what all you ladies come up with! This swap is definitely more open ended, and I am enjoying using my creative juices to come up with fun ideas for my partner, hope you are too!


  1. Hi Alli,

    I just wanted to thank you and Paula for hosting such a wonderful swap!! I enjoyed it thoroughly!! Blessings of the season to you both!!!

  2. OH, thank you Jennifer! We were just talking about the swap today and fun it's been to put together these baskets! I sure hope you enjoyed yourself. I do wish we could have posted more ideas, but thus is life! Thanks for participating, and I look forward to seeing all you have going on in your blog-world!